Character Infobox
You're My Pirate's Cove...
Character Information
Known as Coven or Lumi
Species Human
Gender Female
Color Honey blonde hair and blue eyes
Occupation Terrorist
Starting location The Pirate's Cove
First appearance October 1st (on a different place)
Status Administrating
— You'reMyPirate'sCove

Hello, and welcome to the character layout page! This page will show you how to lay out a character sheet for your OC. Here is where a summary of the character should go, although your page does not need to be as detailed as I am making the sheet, the following topics must be covered, at least to get an idea of your OC. Here, please also include who this OC belongs to.


In this area, this is where a description of your character should go. You could also have a bit of the history, as long as it pertains to how the character got their looks in some way.

Locations (optional)

As of right now, this wiki is only for Five Nights at Freddy's OCs, with a few special exceptions. Here is where you would list the places your character can go, for example, if they are an animatronic, where do they start, and what path do they take to the Office? If they are a guard of some sort, do they stay in the office, or not? Or, if they're something else, what do they do in the pizzeria?


Here, in this section, you describe what your character does. If an animatronic, maybe describe how they attack, and what they did during the day. If a night guard, perhaps describe anything they do differently than the game? And if something different, what does your character do here? You can also include their personality here. For instance, if a human, are the generally angry? Are they happy most of the time? Explain here.

History (optional)

Does your character have a history? Tell it here!

Relationships (optional)

Does your character have opinions about the other characters? Write em here!

Other Facts/Trivia

  • Here are other random facts that don't fit into any other categories
  • In a bullet list
  • Because yay~

How to use the template...

Now that you've got everything, let's put it in your page! At the top, where the "Edit" button is, you should see "View Source." Now click that, and copy everything in the box that shows up. Now go to your page, and up near "Cancel" and "Publish" there is a drop down menu. Click it once, and select "Source Editor." Now paste everything you copied from this page into it, and then click "Apply Changes." There you go! You've got the template up and ready for editing! Delete this section and put in your own info in the others!

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